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Welcome to the website of Our Lady of Graces Catholic Parish, Carina. I hope you find our website useful, with answers to any questions you may have. Please feel free to ring the parish office if there is anything further we may be able to do for you.

Since its very beginning, just over 50 years ago, Our Lady of Graces has been a Dominican parish, staffed by a community of Dominican friars. We belong to one of the older religious orders in the Church, founded by St Dominic in the early years of the 13th century. Dominic wanted to help people towards a deeper relationship with God through a better understanding of what God has revealed to us about himself and about what God has made possible for us.

Whether you are already one of our parishioners or not, we would welcome any ideas about how we could improve this website. If you are considering joining our parish community, we ask you to fill in the folder for new parishioners at the back of the church, and we will do our best to make you feel  ‘at home.’

Fr Tom Cassidy, O.P.
Parish Priest
Regular Weekend
Mass Times

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6pm Vigil

7am, 9am,
10.30am (Italian), 5.30pm

Children's Liturgy
during 9am Sunday Mass
1st, 2nd and 4th Sundays of month during school terms.

Children's Mass
5.30pm 3rd Sunday of each month.
A Mass for children in Primary School age group.
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Looking Ahead
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19th August
6.30pm Collective Youth - Library

21st August
9.00am 1st Holy Communion Group 1 – Church
5.30pm 1st Holy Communion Group 2 – Church

22nd August
7.00pm Italian Prayer Group - Church

23rd August
9.30am Playgroup – Hospitality Area
9.30am Scripture Group - Library

24th August
9.00am St Martin's 4M/4D attending Mass

25th August
9.00am St Martin's 3C/3R attending Mass
9.30am Playgroup – Hospitality Area
7.00pm Legion of Mary - AQ Room

28th August
9.00am 1st Holy Communion Group 1 – Church
10.30 Dominican Laity – Dining Room
5.30pm 1st Holy Communion Group 2 – Church

22nd - 25th September
Ignite Youth Conference

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Community News    (a snippet from our latest newsletter)


Thank you, dear parishioners, for your willingness to go along with our new way of greeting each other at the beginning of Sunday Mass. The idea is to introduce ourselves by name to someone we don't know, on the understanding that we will pray for that person and their family over the coming week. It's simple, it's easy, and it's all part of our way of making Our Lady of Graces a welcoming community.

This weekend half of our children preparing for initiation will celebrate Eucharist at 9am and 5.30pm Mass. Whilst our workshops preparing for Sacraments usually involve discussions and activities around what Jesus did and said, this week our activities have been very much “hands on” as we have learned the actions of receiving communion.

As we walk beside our youngest parishioners joining us at the Table of the Lord (willing them to get the ‘choreography’ correct), we might share their learning and think about how it is we receive.

When approaching to receive Holy Communion, the faithful bow in reverence of the Mystery that they are to receive. Communicants are to make a simple bow of the head when they step forward to receive the consecrated elements from the minister.

The Parish Pastoral Council continues providing support to Father Tom and leadership in the Parish. We have been busy organising the parish picnic last Sunday and getting ready for the Multi-cultural Mass on 9 October. After a very successful Alpha program we are working to provide future Alpha programs in the second half of this year and again in 2017.

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Our Lady of Graces Catholic Parish

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Parish Priest:  Fr Tom Cassidy OP

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